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Tea and Fairy Cakes

Lolita fashion and lifestyle
Oct 9 '14
Sep 24 '14

Aww sophisticated bunny slippers


Sep 20 '14


I found my old Sailor Moon wig and accessoires while clearing out my closet and just had to try it on ^^

Sep 19 '14

this camel has one task


this camel has one task

Sep 7 '14


A few photos from the Secret Rose Boudoir tea party I attended~ It was my first tea party and my first lolita coord. I had an amazing time!
also here~

Dress: Innocent World
Blouse: Krad Lanrete
Head Dress: Handmade
Shoes: Offbrand
Tights/gloves: Taobao
Fan/Jewelry: Vintage

Jul 17 '14

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Jun 21 '14


My coordination in these days~

I tried to coordinate a 大正ロマン(Taisyou Romance) style in the home wiht my own yukata like pic2, and bright my accessories to to Japan to have a Kimono dressed on program in a kimono shop. Unexpectedly, I chose a yukata in lighter color than planed, but the effect is still nice! So professional the owner of the kimono shop is! She can make the 帯(the waistband of the kimono) in fantastic styles, and she also can set many hair styles. The owner made me in a kawaii style like pic1. ^w^ So happy the trip was! I will upload more pictures in the future~

Following all parasols from:BSSB
1,detachable collar&sleeves, hair accessory, bag:IW / boots:Axes
2,detachable collar&sleeves, bag:IW / hair accessory:Axes /  boots:Axes
3,All from IW
4,shopping bag:RS / the rest:IW
5,hat: RS / the rest:IW
6,socks: tutuanna  / the rest:IW
7,hat&shoes: Axes / handbag: off-brand / the rest:IW
8,hat: Chihiro / the rest:IW
9,OP&bag:IW / boots:Axes
10,hat:IW / blouse&sleeves:RS / pants: A&P

p.s. welcome to my sina weibo if you have register one! :D

My ID is 米肉miro

May 28 '14



Cloudberry Lady fashion show outfits at Hellocon 2014.

Knowing that Midori would be wearing one of the dresses made us want to think out of the box and so we ended up creating something different, renaissance inspired lolita outfits.

Photo by Sanni Siira

Garments, halo bonnets and shoes by Cloudberry Lady

omg those halo bonnets.

May 25 '14

jus a lil warrior off to slay the world!


jus a lil warrior off to slay the world!

May 11 '14

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May 10 '14


Lydia Beesley and Franziska Klein in “Dream Weavers” by Zena Holloway for How To Spend It, May 2014 

Apr 23 '14

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Apr 9 '14
Everyone has been talking CLAMP lately, major nostalgia for Card Captor Sakura!

Everyone has been talking CLAMP lately, major nostalgia for Card Captor Sakura!

Apr 7 '14
Apr 4 '14



I’m trying to balance out the asks with pictures so it isn’t like a slew of asks on your dashboards. xD 
Brand: Peach John (Lingerie and Sleepwear and whatnot)
S/S 2014 Tokyo Girls Collection Runway Looks (just a few)

peach john omg ♥